STANDARD WARRANTY - Australia Wide Warranty

Manufacturers warranty applies to all products purchased. Each product has a specific warranty period listed (Please also view "Warranty Information" on each product page)

Warranty of each product starts from the date the product is delivered/picked up or date of installation* (Proof required from qualified/licensed installer). Warranties are maintained by each manufacturer for the period listed. Service requests are always arranged via manufacturers in warranty periods or any qualified specific service agents outside of warranty.

For full details on a manufacturer warranty please visit their direct website or contact them directly. All products are also covered under Australian Consumer Law.

If a product has been purchased via Berloni Appliances as a retailer of each manufacturer we are always here to assist & guide through the process.

For any other specific questions on warranty please contact us.

BACK UP PLAN - EXTENDED PRODUCT COVER - Add Additional Cover to your product - Australia Wide Warranty

You may PURCHASE ADDITIONAL PRODUCT COVER on products for an additional fee.

Additional covers are to a maximum of 5 years including manufacturers warranty (2+3, 3+2 or 1+4).

Example: Product comes with 2 years manufacturers warranty you are able to purchase an additional 3 years cover to give you peace of mind.

We appreciate that you may want the certainty of knowing that if products you buy are faulty they are covered for a specific time period. When you purchase the Back Up Plan, you are obtaining certainty as to the period of coverage and the remedy you will receive and the convenience of having the repair and/or the replacement process managed for you by the Back Up Plan Administrator. Back Up Plans provide rights which are in addition to your existing rights under the Australian Consumer Guarantees and do not limit or replace them. 

There are 2 types of Back Up Plans available covering mechanical or electrical failure - Replacement Warranty for products costing $500 or less and Repair Warranty (Full Cover over $500)



  • REPAIR PERIOD GUARANTEE - If your product cannot be repaired within a 30 day period, you will have the product replaced.
  • LOAN PRODUCT - If the repair is likely to take more than 10 days, a loan product will be an option to assist you through.
  • TRANSFERABLE - Transfer the cover to the new owner, simply just send written advice.
  • FREIGHT/DELIVERY - Pickup of your product will be offered on larger items.
  • FOOD SPOILAGE - If you have cover on a Fridge or Freezer and a fault causes food spoilage, you will reimburse up to $200.
  • REPLACEMENT PLAN - In the event of the product not being able to be repaired, a replacement option will be looked at.
  • FAIR WEAR & TEAR - Cover Buttons & Switches on electrical devices which have failed as a result of normal use
  • LAUNDRY COSTS - If you have cover on a Washer or Dryer & have a fault that takes more than 7 days you will reimburse you up to $200
  • 15 DAY FREE LOOK - You may cancel the policy up to 15 days from date of purchase when no claim has been made.

Please view full terms & conditions for full details on cover and all points noted above.


View BackUp Product Cover - Terms & Conditions here >

And for information about the Australian Consumer Guarantees, visit www.accc.gov.au

Contact Back Up Plan

If you are claiming under this Back Up Plan, you can lodge your claim by calling customer care on 1800 062 782, (0800 454 082 in NZ) Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm AEST. For Australian or overseas customers, please email rescuecrew.au@thewarrantygroup.com